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An expert pitch coach in your pocket

Perfect your pitch with the power of AI. Stand out in increasingly crowded markets with evAIuate. Remove the guess work. Spend less late nights on pitches. 


Cut through the noise with the power of AI

evAIuate App

Our advanced GPT-4 based technology assesses and scores your pitch - highlighting strengths and recommending areas of improvement.

How it works

As simple as uploading a document

When you upload your pitch document, evAIuate will analyse it as if it were an investor or client.

You'll receive a score out of 100 based on relevant measures of successful pitches.

Our cutting-edge AI will provide detailed, contextual feedback and areas to improve.

Easy access 

Everyday use

evaulation screen

Our web-based App is available for all your devices so you can evAIuate on the go.

AI peace of mind

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Make a point

Our cutting edge GPT-4 AI model comprehends your pitch and identifies the top key themes, ensuring you're delivering the right, relevant message for your specific industry audience. 

evaluation score screen

Know the score

Our App benchmarks your pitch deck against successful standards at a glance, knowing what your pitch audience needs to make an investment decision, and telling you when it's missing.

component score screen

More than words

Unlike other AI tools that are limited to spelling and clarity, evAIuate shows you detailed feedback that highlights strengths and pinpoints areas for improvement, guiding you to craft compelling presentations.

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We offer three pricing tiers depending on your needs. Prices vary depending on how many documents you would like to evaluate, with the biggest savings for those looking to upload 10 or more documents.


Get a taste of our service and see how your pitch deck performs at a glance, with an overview of your document and an overall score.



All the free features, plus detailed improvement recommendations and an analysis of your document's strengths. Make your pitch deck as strong as it can be.

$10 - 29


Harness the full power of our AI. Chat with your AI counterpart, draft email introductions, detailed questions, and more. It's the ultimate tool for perfecting your pitch deck.

(coming soon)

$25 - 79


Can I use this app for pitch decks in any industry?

Yes, our App is designed to evaluate pitch decks across a wide range of industries. The AI understands and assesses the content and context of your presentation, regardless of the specific industry or sector. It can help refine your messaging and improve your pitch, no matter your field.

How quickly will I receive the evaluation of my pitch deck?

Our GPT-4 AI technology works quickly to evaluate your pitch deck. You can typically expect your detailed score and feedback within a few minutes of uploading your presentation. The exact timing can vary depending on the length and complexity of the deck.

I'm not very tech-savvy. Is this App easy to use?

Absolutely! We've designed our App to be as user-friendly as possible. The process is as simple as uploading your pitch deck and letting our AI do the work. You'll then receive your score and detailed feedback. If you ever need assistance, our support team is just a click away.

How are you handling my files and data?

Uploaded decks are processed securely and subject to OpenAI's transparent data protection policy. Rest easy knowing your innovative ideas and proprietary information are safe.

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